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Crime Scene Investigations Unit

Crime Scene Investigations Unit is staffed by six Sheriff Service Technicians who perform the function of recording and collecting evidence at crime scenes. Field Evidence Technicians also collect and examine latent prints using powders, chemical sprays, and the Alternate Light Source.

Photo Imaging Services provides a variety of photographic and digital imaging related services including:

  • Processing and printing of crime scene, public relations and other photographs
  • Photograph and film scanning, image editing and enhancement, creation and printing of displays and posters
  • Portrait and public relations photography
  • Professional expertise on matters related to photography and digital imaging

The Cal-I D section examines latent fingerprints and compares them for entry into the Cal-ID computer system. There the prints are searched in the California Department of Justice database for identification. We serve the entire county, including other local law enforcement agencies.

The Property Room is responsible for the storage and security of evidence, found property held for safekeeping, as well as being the transmittal point for all items of evidence being submitted to the Crime Lab.