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Volunteers in Policing

Volunteers in Policing (VIP) members perform routine police functions allowing deputies to concentrate more on the duties that only sworn personnel can perform. Citizens who volunteer for this program will undergo a background investigation and be carefully screened as to judgment, maturity, and ability to work within a team concept. In most patrol stations VIP members are not required to attend a citizen academy, however it is encouraged. Training includes report writing, first aid and C.P.R., fingerprinting, traffic control, police radio usage, observations and reporting procedures, basic driving skills, and certain administrative duties.

Requirements: Must contribute 20 hours per month or 60 hours in a 3-month period. Must attend regular training meetings. Must be in good health. Computer skills are helpful. The uniform will be provided at no cost. If you are interested in becoming a VIP, please contact your respective station below and ask to speak with the station’s volunteer coordinator.

Camarillo Station: (805) 388-5135

Ojai Station: (805) 646-1414

Fillmore Station: (805) 524-2233

Thousand Oaks Station: (805) 371-8398

Moorpark Station: (805) 532-2700