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Detention Services

The Detention Services Division is the largest of the four divisions in both personnel and budget. This includes all jobs related to inmate services such as reception, booking and classification, jail services, court room and pre-trial security. Currently there are three jail facilities.

If you have an immediate concern about the health, and/or well-being of an inmate in any of our Detention Facilities, please click the link below:

Inmate Concern

The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office has the legal obligation to care for persons held in County custody.  We operate three different jail facilities.  Our Main Jail is located at the government center in Ventura, our Todd Road Jail facility is in the unincorporated area west of the city of Santa Paula, and our East Valley Jail is located in Thousand Oaks.  These facilities vary in design, function, and inmate population, but what they all have in common are the dedicated personnel who operate the facilities in a safe and humane manner, conforming to all laws and professional detention standards.

Virtually every aspect of jail operations is subject to careful oversight. The Board of State & Community Corrections (BSCC) sets the standards for the operation of local detention facilities.  Regular BSCC inspections are conducted to ensure compliance with those standards.

On average, we book approximately 23,000 people per year.  While in our custody, the Sheriff’s Office provides a wide array of quality services including medical, mental health, food, counseling, recreation, religious, education and job training services.

This jail dashboard is an interactive tool that provides information from the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office jail management system. It is updated every 30 days and provides summary information about the current inmate population including the demographic makeup of current jail inmates, how long they have been in custody, their bookings and arrest charges, and housing.  The Ventura County Sheriff’s Office receives a lot of questions about the jail population. This tool was created in an effort to be transparent with the public about the characteristics of our supervised population and to answer some of the common questions we receive about our jails.