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Chaplain Program

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Patrol Chaplains

Ventura County Sheriff’s Patrol Chaplains are ordained members of the clergy who donate their time and talents in partnership with the members of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Office in service to our communities.

Our Chaplains are each assigned a patrol station where they foster relationships with staff members and the community by providing confidential, compassionate and caring support during both emergency and non-emergency situations that occur. They also have assisted first responders at natural and other disaster scenes under a unified command structure.

Each of our Chaplains receive training from the International Conference of Police Chaplains (ICPC). This training enhances their abilities and better prepares them to serve within a law enforcement environment.

Jail/Custody Chaplains

Ventura County Sheriff’s Jail or Custody Chaplains are ordained members of the clergy who provide spiritual support and guidance to individuals in custody, including prisoners, detainees, and correctional staff. The primary role of our chaplains is to offer emotional and spiritual care, facilitate religious services, and promote rehabilitation and restorative justice.

If you would like to contact a member of the Patrol Chaplain Program, or a chaplain at either Todd Road Jail or the Pre-trial Detention Facility, please make your selection in the form below.

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