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Crime Prevention

Crime Prevention is the anticipation, recognition, and appraisal of a crime risk, and the initiation of action to remove or reduce it. Utilizing an active approach of public awareness and preventive measures to reduce crime. Crime Prevention reflects a philosophy of self-defense where the police and the community take action before crimes are committed. Department sponsored programs will reduce crime, stimulate public awareness concerning crime prevention and enhance our communities. Crime prevention works. It is cheaper, safer, and healthier for communities to prevent crime than to have to treat its victims, deal with its perpetrators, and lose civic health and productivity.

But the responsibility of crime prevention doesn’t fall on one person, it’s everyone’s business. Law enforcement agencies, however, often are the focal point in community crime prevention. This can be beneficial to prevention efforts because these law enforcement officers:

  • Know what crime is happening, where it is happening, and by whom.
  • Have the expertise to stop crime before it happens.
  • Can bring community members, police departments, and government officials together.

Although law enforcement is highly trained today in the field of crime prevention, it is completely unrealistic for society to rely completely upon law enforcement for protection. It is imperative that all citizens become crime conscious and implement security precautions that will significantly reduce criminal opportunities. A concerted effort on citizens’ part combined with the services of law enforcement can provide a viable team that can and will impact crime. There are active prevention programs in the County that can help your home or business.

The following downloadable documents are here to help you secure and protect your home, work, and most importantly your family.