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Ventura County – Inmate Walk-away Advisement

Tonight, at approximately 7:00 pm, 31-year-old Jonathan Alfaro, who was in custody at the Pre-Trial Detention Facility, walked away from the facility located at 800 S. Victoria Avenue.  Alfaro, who was assigned as a Kitchen Worker, was last seen on the loading dock before walking off the facility grounds.  All inmate workers are in custody for non-violent crimes and are heavily screened by the jail’s Classification Unit before being assigned to a work assignment.  All inmate workers sign contracts, known as escape clauses, as many of them are authorized to work in and around jail facilities and police stations where security is limited.  A VC Alert has been sent out for the immediate vicinity, as deputies are actively searching the area for Alfaro.

Alfaro is in custody for burglary, there is no information to suggest he is a danger to the public, or a threat to the community.  Although clothing can be changed, Alfaro was last seen wearing jail issued blue jeans and an orange T-shirt.  Alfaro is a Hispanic male, 5’ 4”, weighing approximately 140 lbs.  He has short black hair and a black beard and mustache.

If located, do not attempt to make contact, or apprehend Alfaro; rather call 911 immediately.  If you have helpful information regarding Alfaro or his possible whereabouts, please call 805-654-9511.

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