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Thousand Oaks – Stolen Mail Arrests

During the early morning hours of 12/31/22, a Sergeant assigned to the Thousand Police Station conducted a traffic enforcement stop on a black Mercedes Benz in the area of Thousand Oaks Boulevard and Rancho Road.  The occupants of the vehicle were identified as Henrik Hakobyan (driver) and Aghvan Gevorgyan (front passenger).  A subsequent investigation was completed at the scene which led to the discovery of numerous pieces of stolen mail from inside the vehicle.  Also located inside the vehicle, was a “fishing” device that Hakobyan and Gevorgyan are suspected of using to steal mail from blue, stand-alone mailboxes owned by the United States Postal Service (USPS).  The fishing device was comprised of a license plate attached to a rope. A glue-like substance was applied to the license plate. This technique is commonly used by mail thieves because mail can easily adhere to the license plate as it is being retrieved from the mailbox.  For further details, please click the following link: