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Electronic Monitoring Unit

The Electronic Monitoring Unit (EMU) is an alternative incarceration program allowing low level offenders the opportunity to serve some or all of their sentence in the community in lieu of county jail. The Sheriff’s unit is committed to operating an electronic monitoring program that maintains the highest public confidence, credibility, and public safety.

Acceptance into the EMU program is determined by Sheriff’s Office personnel once an application is submitted. After being approved for the program, participants are monitored and supervised by a deputy for the duration of their sentence by an electronic GPS device which is affixed to the participants’ ankle. The program allows participants the opportunity to continue with their employment, further their education or continue with treatment outside of custody.

The EMU is headed by a Senior Deputy and is comprised of four deputies who manage a caseload of participants working with the courts, attorneys, and other local agencies. These deputies monitor participants electronically and in the field to ensure public safety, compliance and success while on the program.