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Camarillo – Arrest of Automated Teller Machine (A.T.M.) Skimming Suspects

Over the past six months, Camarillo saw an increase in identity theft, often targeting the recipients of California Department of Social Services CalFresh and CalWORKS. Both programs help low-income beneficiaries purchase food and provide for basic needs. This is in part due to the fact the Electronic Benefit Transfer (EBT) cards lack many of the security features of other debit cards. Stolen EBT card information is typically obtained from “skimming” devices, which are installed on ATMs or Point of Sale machines. The stolen debit card information is then “cloned” onto another card with a magnetic strip. In 2022 alone, EBT theft cost taxpayers in the State of California over $60 million dollars in losses.  Please click the link for more details: