Management Staff

  • Captain Kevin Lynch
    Thousand Oaks Investigations

  • Jennifer Bramlette
    Manager  Crime Analysis Unit

  • Captain Sean Britt
    Support Services – Audits

  • Brian Brooks
    Manager  Sheriff’s Systems Bureau

  • Captain Marta Bugarin
    Training Center

  • Captain Cameron Henderson
    Pre-Trial Detention Facility

  • Jennifer Casillas
    Manager  Records Bureau

  • Gerald Chambers
    Manager  Human Resources

  • Captain Dean Cook
    Asst. Chief of Police  Thousand Oaks Station

  • Captain Randy Downard
    Aviation Unit

  •  Captain Matt Young
    Patrol Services Thousand Oaks Station

  •  Chief Darin Hendren
    Chief of Police  Moorpark Station

  • Captain Todd Inglis
    Todd Road Jail

  • Captain Steven Jenkins
    Court Services

  • Captain William Hutton
    Watch Commander

  • Captain Tim Lanquist
    Detention Services  Administration

  •  Captain Steven Michalec
    Watch Commander

  • Captain Ian Laughlin
    Internal Affairs

  •  Asst. Chief Jason Hendren
    Asst. Chief of Police Camarillo Station

  •  Chief Eduardo Malagon
    Chief of Police  Fillmore Station

  • Captain Tim Ragan
    Health and Programming Unit

  •  Captain Ron Chips
    Headquarters Station

  • Captain Victor Medina
    Major Crimes

  • Michael Parigian
    Senior Manager  Forensic Services

  • Captain Brian Slominski
    Special Investigations Bureau

  • Captain Dean Worthy

  • Captain John Wright
    Sheriff’s Communications Center

  • Chief Trina Newman
    Chief of Police Ojai Station

  • Captain Peter Frank
    Watch Commander

  • Captain Ryan Clark
    Watch Commander

  • Captain Greg Gibson
    Watch Commander